Justin Ta | About

Hello, my name is Justin and I am a photographer.

I specialize in family portraits and still life however I also photograph special events/ceremonies, business, and portraiture.

My love photography stems from my childhood from when my parents handed me a camera. I had no clue what to do with it honestly, but the idea that it could freeze a moment it time stuck with me. Also the little window(viewfinder) was the best alternative to a monocular. As time went on, I gathered/used single use instant film cameras as a day to day use, documenting my life as I grew.

Then came my first SLR, manual settings for everything, including having to wind my own film into the camera cemented my love for photography. Every setting a placed had to be meticulous otherwise it would throw off the image but the possibilities were infinite. It opened up a whole new world for me.

My future was set.

I got my degree in photography and set my bearings in a portrait studio where I mostly photographed families for almost 4 years. I loved how each family always had something different to bring the table. I would learn little things from them like languages, life experiences, and their cultures. However the smiles, laughter, and the straight forward honesty from the children melted my heart every single time. Once again showing that photography was the best thing I wanted to pursue in life.

The pursuit of photography meant being able to capture the special moments in everyone's lives. And once captured in those photographs, it provided a timeless narrative for generations to come. Whether it be those family photos, special events, wildlife, or landscapes, my wish is for me to capture these memories so that they may be shared and seen for generations to come.